We are 3 Queens from Alaska who were inspired to launch our handmade genderless jewelry and accessory line in 2020.

TRI Distinction® is an inclusive company that has a broad approach to our pieces. Our jewelry and accessories reflect femininity, masculinity, culture, and other affinity groups for inspiration. We use fair trade beads, wire design, resin, clay, and fabric to create colorful one-of-a-kind pieces. We want each of our clients to feel unique, special, and distinct, knowing they are the only person wearing their exclusive piece of jewelry.
TRI Distinction is owned by Penyon (mother) and Qiauna and Camai (two daughters). Together as TRI Distinction, we are creating our DREAM, one piece of jewelry at a time!

  Penyon "Momma P" provides a wealth of knowledge and natural creativity to each of her designs. She works with ethically sourced beads and wire wrapping and specializes in bracelets and necklaces that command attention. She also enjoys creating custom designs for our clientele. Momma P manages our quality control, packaging, and shipping.  

 Qiauna "Q" has an art background that allows her creativity to flourish in her bold polymer clay and resin designs. She welcomes bright colors and unique patterns that speak to her artistic statement jewelry. Q manages our social media content and customer service.

  Camai has an eye for business development and an unmatched design ability. She focuses her designs on patterned fabric creations, rich faux leather pieces, and dramatic shoulder earrings that get noticed. Camai manages our finances, website design, and subscriber communications.
TRI Distinction is proudly based in Anchorage, Alaska. Our business is reflective of our beliefs of benevolence, inclusion, customer service, and high ethical standards. TRI Distinction is committed to supporting worthy efforts within areas, that contribute to sustaining the ethics and environmental values of the people who create such products. All products are sourced direct from artisans and promotes upcycling (the "waste not, want not" mentality).
We are proud that our handmade products are created in Alaska, which authorizes us to use the Made in Alaska logo; signifying the product was manufactured in Alaska.