Bracelet 310
Bracelet 310

Bracelet 310

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Length: 7 inches Weight: 0.9 ounces

Distinctly You! This bracelet is made with charms that read: "Faith", "Made With Love", "Peace", white turquoise beads, navy metallic beads, silver faceted spacer beads, grade A rondel (white rhinestones, yellow rhinestones, blue rhinestones), and silver spacers. Latex free stretch cord.

Handmade Disclaimer

You are purchasing handmade jewelry designed and created with glass beads, natural stones, resin, clay, metal fasteners & wire.  The items you receive might vary slightly from the pictured merchandise due to being 100% handmade and designed with natural materials. 

Stretch bracelets need to be handled with care, roll on and off your wrist to prevent breakage, do not get wet to prevent weakening at the connection site and discoloration of beads. Latex free stretch cord.

Earrings should be cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton tip and alcohol to gentle rub the dirt away.  Avoid contact with perfumes, makeup, and moisturizers that can cause discoloration in your jewelry.

Polymer clay may break with added pressure or dropping.

Slight imperfections are to be expected in the wood, stone, resin, clay, metal fasteners, and glass beads used on each handmade piece.  Therefore, each item will vary slightly leaving no two identical. These variations are the reason that make each piece unique. Due to the natural nature of many of the gemstones used in each piece, variations in color, cut, size and shape may/will differ from piece to piece. Any jewelry item you purchase is one of a kind and produced with passion and care by TRI Distinction designers.